Donor lounges

Our donor lounges range :
– InfraTec lounge Product code : DZIRE-2X
– LMB comfort I lounge Product code : LC-10000
– LMB comfort II lounge Product code : LC-10003

Blood bank equipment > Donor lounges

Donor lounge – LMB comfort I

Donor lounge with 3 indipendently adjustable sections. It features 3 motors and specific control for Trendelenburg position. Electrical adjustment for seat height, backrest and leg rest position.
Several optional accessories available.

Product code: LC-10000

Blood bank equipment > Donor lounges

Donor lounge – InfraTec

Donor lounge with 2 motors. Automatic Trendelenburg activated by emergency button (one on each side). Adjustable seat electric motion of back rest and foot rest. Adjustable headerest and armerests adjustable in all positions (horizontally and vertically).

Product code: DZIRE-2X