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Secondary containers – single-use safety bags TFA

Transparent polyethylene (LDPE) secondary container with tamper-evident taped strip, leak-proof.
Back pocket for documents (not available for cod. TFA 404004).
In compliance with ADR P620 and P650 (German BAM approved).

Available in 4 sizes.

Product codes: TFA 404001 (500-pack), TFA 404002 (500-pack), TFA 404003 (500-pack), TFA 404004* (300-pack)
* only to order and with quantity constraint

Transport containers > Drug transport containers

Photoprotective bags

Photoprotective bag for photosensitive drugs made of high quality (70 micron) amber color polyethylene (LPDE).
Amber color maintains transparency and allows view of the content.

Available in 5 sizes. Additivated with master UV-barrier. ANTI-UV certification by Accredia (Italian National Accreditation Body) certified lab.

Product codes: BFT 021, BFT 031, BFT 041, BFT 051, BFT 061
Packaging: 500-pack for each code