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Cryopreservation bags

SAFE2SAFE2®’s portfolio provides several cryopreservation bags dedicated to the storage of stem cells, tissues and biological material. SAFE2® is developed and realized by ADVATIS® (Advanced Therapies Innovative Solutions), joint venture between SIAD Healthcare S.p.A. and Haemopharm Healthcare S.r.l.
This partnership puts together the experiences of both companies offering innovative solutions in the field of cryopreservation and cell therapy.
All the SAFE2® bags are made of an innovative formulation of EVA (Etyl Vinyl Acetate), that makes the products highly flexible and resistant to the working temperature range (from -196°C to +37°C).
In addition the safety of your biological sample is double: each bag is fitted with an overwrap bag made of EVA, with the purpose to ensure a good cryopreservation and to prevent the risk of cross-contamination.
The bags and the overwrap bags are produced with the most innovative and advanced technologies and all the connectors are disgned to ensure an highest reliability of the product: for example our needle-free connector, a special injection system that ensures a closed system and improves safety for the operator.
All cryobags go through different testing methods, one by one, both in pre and post production phases.
The special design of the bags perfectly fits the majority of the existing bag holders and, depending on the application, the bags are available in different sizes.

The wide portfolio of SAFE2® offers different lines of products:

It is the product line dedicated to the cryopreservation of stem cells.
The products are available in different sizes and multiple configurations.
CODE – Nominal Volume ml – Fill Volume Range ml
SH-6B – 6 – 3-6
SH-25B – 26 – 20-25
SH-50B – 50 – 10-30
SH-250B – 250 – 30-70
SH-500B – 500 – 55-100
SH-750B – 750 – 80-180
It is the product line dedicated to cryopreservation of tissues, as bones, skin, heart valves.
The products are available in different sizes to fulfill every need.
Code – Size
TC-SMALL – 500
TC-LARGE – 750
It is the line dedicated to cryopreservation of adipose tissue.
Soon more details available!
Thanks to the continued collaboration with our customers and with the support of our R&D team, ADVATIS® can offer custom made solutions in order to match safety and handiness during the different stages of manipulation of biological samples.

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