Privacy policy or “this Domain” or “the Website” uses “cookies” to make its services simple and efficient, with the purpose of guaranteeing the best user experience possible.

“Cookie” definition

Cookies are small fragments of text which allow the web server to memorize on the client (the browser, like Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Opera…) information that will be reused during the same visit on the website (session cookies) or later, even within days (persistent cookies). Cookies are memorized, according to user preferences, in the single browser on the specific device used (computer, tablet, smartphone).

Depending on characteristics and purpose cookies can be divided into:

Technical cookies
This cookie type is strictly necessary for the Website to run properly.
These cookies always come from this Domain and are necessary for the Website to be displayed correctly and for technical services to be offered. Thus, they will always be used e sent, except if the user changes his browsers settings (missing this way some functions of the Website such as custom language).

Analytics cookies
These cookies’purpose is collecting information regarding the Website usage. This information is used for anonymous statistic analysis to make the Website user experience better and to make better contents for the final user. This cookie type collects data in an anonymous way regarding user activity and how the user arrived on this Domain. Analytics cookies are sent from the Website itself or from third party’s domains.

Profiling cookies (not present in this Website)
They are permanent cookies made to identify (anonymously or not) user preferences and make his surfing experience better. For more info about these cookies (not used by this Website) check:

Cookie usage, in compliance with the current law, does not have to ask for consent for technical cookies, as they are necessary in order to provide the required service.
Furthermore, consent is not necessary for analytics cookies which are comparable to technical cookies, that is they collect data anonimously (hiding part of the IP address) and they do not share them with other products or services. This Website uses Google Analytics with IP anonymization and without data sharing with other Google products or third parties.

It is still possible to deactivate analytics cookies, not strictly necessary to the Website usage, following these instructions: open your browser, select settings menu click onto internet options open privacy tab and choose the desired cookie block level. In case you want to delete all cookies just open safety tab and delete cookies history flagging “delete cookies”.

Cookies used on this Domain are only technical and analytics with anonymous and not shared data collection (Google Analytics properly set).

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