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Archimede is an automatic extractor of blood components from whole blood. It allows to separate erythrocytes, buffy coat, and platelets from rich and poor plasma and platelet concentrate. Both standard and top & bottom bags can be used and, thanks to the high automatization one single operator can use several units at the same time. The laboratory productivity is therefore increased maintaining a high and standardized separation quality. The separation procedure is continuously checked by a dedicated microcontroller. In case of alarm or if the preset parameter values are reached, the procedure is stopped.

Product code: MOE 2013


-User-friendly interface.
-Graphic display of bags weight, force, and operation stages.
-Automatic delivery of Red Cell Additive Solution through press.
-Variable speed separation movement, controlled by a stepper motor.
-Array of 18 optical sensors for Buffy Coat level check.
-Optical detector of RBC, with electronic control of cover closure.
-Electronic control of the distance between plate and profile plate.
-Electronic control of the applied force with motor stop in case the safety limit is exceeded.
-Three weight scales with 2 Kg full-scales and 1 g resolution.
-Six clamps: four sealing-head clamps, one flow control clamp, one normal clamp.
-Mechanical buffy-coat separation system.
-Detection system of proper tubes positioning in each clamp.
-Can store up to 18 separation procedures, with approx. 40 parameters each.
-Self-tare and auto-calibration of the various measuring systems via software. The auto-calibration functions are managed directly by ArchimedeLINK.
-Can be used as a sealer and as a weight scale.
-Self-diagnosis program to make the solution of technical problems easier.
-Bi-directional data transmission via LAN and WLAN.
-PS2 port for barcode reader.
-Software update directly through PC.
-Built-in clock and calendar for traceability of the ongoing procedure.
-Optional RFID reader.
-Optional 2D bar code reader able to read multiple bar codes in one shot.
-Designed to operate up to 4 modules for the automatic breaking of the cannula.

Technical data