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Automatic tube stripper TS08

Automatic tube stripper TS08 is the ideal device for effortless stripping of blood bag tubes of all commercial blood collection bag system on the market. Ergonomic and lightweight. Automatically centered tubing fed through the two stripping rollers by a guidance system located on their side.

Product code: TS 10008


– It can be used for stripping tubes up to 6.5 mm diameter
– Designed for right and left hand use through a simple adjustement
– Adjustable stripping speed
– Automatic tube centering between stripping rollers
– Power supply with stabilized output, with protection from short circuit and overload

Technical data

– Dimensions (handle closed): 75x57x195 mm
– Dimensions (handle open): 110x57x195 mm
– Max stripping tube diameter: 6.5 mm
– Central body diameter: 40 mm
– Max stripping speed: 400 mm/sec
– Weight: 700 g
– Operating temperature: +10/+40 °C
– Power supply voltage: 100-240 V AC
– Input frequency: 50/60Hz
– DC motor supply voltage: 6-15 V /1,5 V step
– Regulation: CE compliance


Bench stand (cod. TS 10041)