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Combined packaging for transport of infectious substances – Category A

Combined packaging for transport of UN2814 – UN2900 – infectious substances, Category A. It complies with Packing Instruction P620 ADR, P620 RID, P620 ADN, P620 IMDG, P.I. 620 IATA. It meets ONU 4GU/Class 6.2 IATA e 6.5.2 specifications and allows the use of any type of primary receptacles (test-tubes, vials, falcon, eppendorf).

Product code: EMA561-TSRI


– Tertiary cardboard container with ONU 4GU mark
– Secondary plastic container, 95kPa from -40 to +55 °C, approved for UN2814 / UN2900 transport
– Class 6.2 label, cardboard interposition, 1 absorbent 4-well test-tube rack, instruction sheet, label for sealing outer carton
– All components are latex free

Technical data

External dimensions (WxDxH): 130 x 130 x 180 mm
Internal dimensions (ØxH): 100 x 149 mm
Volume : 0.950 litres