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Blood components filtration system providing a high level of automation and documentation.

Product code: FM-110100X


– Advanced monitoring of filtration process to ensure optimal performance
– It measures filtration time and compares it with the individual customer profile, alerting for possible problems
– One control unit per 4 filtration modules (48 places total)
– Modular concept allows system enlargement on demand

Technical data

Filtration module:
– simultaneous filtration of up to 24 bags
– 12 places for each module
– high precision measuring: max load: 5 kg; max measurement range: 999 g; resolution: 1 g
– visual and audio indicators and alarms (2 color LEDs)
– adjustable height to fit any filtration system

Control unit:
– high industry-standard PC-based unit with touchscreen interface
– HDD for local data storage
– wireless connectivity (WLAN IEEE 802.11 b/g/n, AES Encryption)
– integrated barcode reader
– Adjustable arm for easy positioning to the operator

– easy-to-use operator interface
– filtration profiles for different blood bag and filter types
– filtration progress graph in real time
– data link to BBIS (blood bank management system)
– reports
– simple setup and adjustments

Dimensions (WxDXH): 1750 x 640 x 1880 mm


– Tube sealer for detaching used bags
– Wireless barcode reader