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KEEP-ICE® is a device designed for keeping the right temperature of whole blood and blood components during processing phases such as inspection, validation and labeling.

KEEP-ICE® has been realized with a methacrylate structure filled with VIP panels (Vacuum Insulated Panel) with high insulating power; thus, the working surface can keep the right temperature for long time.
On the surface inside the structure 8 temperature stabilizers take place. It is possible to manage three temperatures (22°C, 4°C e -30°C) through specific temperature stabilizers, which have to be pre-conditioned (e.g. -30°C plates’ filling has to become solid, which happens at T ≤ -33°C).
On the main structure there is a mini-computer with Windows OS, a 10” display, a wireless barcode reader, and two infrared temperature sensors which measure the bags’ surface temperature.
During a working session all the bags have to be placed onto the surface right upon the temperature stabilizers. While positioning them, or immediately afterwards, each bag has to be read through the wireless barcode reader.
This way bags’ IDs are associated to the recorded temperatures.
The infrared sensors measure the surface temperature every 3 seconds, and every 3 minutes the temperature table on the display gets updated showing the average value computed by the software.
The final PDF report lists: operator ID , temperature profile (+22°C, +4°C, -30°C), blood bags IDs, recorded temperatures, and working session outcome.


– Bench/cart suitable device: dimensions (WxDxH) 124 x 71 x 50 cm ; weight 20 kg
– Manageable temperatures: +4°C, +22°C, -30°C (through temperature stabilizers)
– Tracking system and temperature history
– Product identification through wireless barcode reader
– Operator identification
– Alarms for out-of-range temperatures and session duration longer than expected
– Blood component validation (bi-directional interface with LIS)
– Data storage and report creation for each working session
– LAN or Wi-Fi data transfer


– 10” LCD display, LED, HDMI
– Mini PC with Windows OS
– Opticon 2D wireless barcode reader, BT connectivity + base + 6V power supply
– Atlantis USB mouse
– 4 ports USB hub
– USB 2.0 flash drive (8 GB)
– Infrared temperature sensors