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Automatic system for blood components filtration

Product code: FM-10001


– Complete stainless steel construction, with removable lower trays for easy and through cleaning
– Rubbered wheels provide smooth and quiet rolling, leaving no marks on the floor; all wheels have brakes for locking the device in position
– A pneumatic mechanism powered by CO2 gas raises and lowers the shelves to operational and filtration height, providing easy load/unload process to the operator, thus reducing strain and effort
– LEUCOmatic can be used also as a help for any blood bag process for which its structure may be found suitable, not only for filtration

Technical data

– Dimensions (LxHxW): 1275 x 1735 x 750 mm
– Weight (kg): 150 (unloaded)
– Capacity: 48 bags
– Max filtration length: 185 cm
– Movement mechanism: pneumatic
– Air supply: CO2 bottle (7 L); on request, connection to pneumatic air system (5-6 bar)