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Secondary rigid containers EMO

Ultra-resistant, watertight polycarbonate containers with isothermal expanded polyethylene inner lining (not available for EMO 04L).
In compliance with UNI EN 829/98 and ADR P650.

Available in 4 sizes.

Product codes: EMO 01P, EMO 02S, EMO 03M, EMO 04L


– Body and lid: polycarbonate
– Handle: polyamide
– Isothermal inner lining: expanded polyethylene
– Locking hooks: stainless steel
– Gaskets: silicon rubber
– All components are latex free

EMO 02S:
it can be combined with tertiary container EMO 102

EMO 03M:
it can be combined with tertiary container: EMO 103, EMO 04PP

EMO 04L:
it can be combined with tertiary container EMO 06PP

Technical data

EMO 01P:
Dimensions: 242 x 169 x 155 mm – Weight*: 0.750 kg

EMO 02S:
Dimensions: 305 x 245 x 155 mm – Weight*: 1.350 kg

EMO 03M:
Dimensions: 390 x 230 x 173 mm – Weight*: 1.800 kg

EMO 04L:
Dimensions: 500 x 285 x 225 mm – Weight*: 2.200 kg

* without freezer packs/temperature stabilizers


Freezer packs
Temperature stabilizers
– Customization