Data and temperature tracking systems

Sirada RFID/NFC data loggers

TTR Sirada data loggers:
– MRZ-98SA: rigid case, with increased battery for long fasting activities at low temperature (<0°C) - MRZ-98SAS: small size, rigid case - TS 02NFCR: rigid case with buttons and mission status LED


– Start and download via Android NFC device or one of the following systems: EmoPad, EmoPlate, EmoBaselle
– Long life battery
– Manual start possible (TS 02NFCR only)
– Button and mission status LED (TS 02NFCR only)
– Limits overcoming and transport duration checks
– Data visualization: graph, table, mission parameters summary, PDF sheet
– Recorded data can be saved in Excel format or other text format
– Creation of mission profiles for a quick start, with no need to set up parameters again
– Additional info: sender, recipient, materials IDs, operator, notes, etc..
– Automatically sends PDF reports to an email address previously set by the sender (managed via Android NFC device)
– Optional Accredia (NIST equivalent) traceable calibration certificate on one or more calibration points available

Technical data

– Dimensions and weight MRZ-98SA: 95x72x24 mm, 60 g
– Dimensions and weight MRZ-987SAS: 75x72x18 mm, 32 g
– Dimensions and weight TS 02NFCR: 64x18x93 mm, 18 g
– Temperature range: -30°C – +60°C
– Resolution: 0.01°C
– Maximum records: 3912 (without notes and/or info)
– Recording interval: from 1 second up, with 1 second steps
– Battery life MRZ-98SA: 3 years, 10 years standby
– Battery life MRZ-98SAS e TS 02NFCR: up to 10 years or 3 milion records
– Protection rating MRZ-98SA e MRZ-98SAS: IP 54
– Protection rating TS 02NFCR: IP 67


– Compatible software:
– OMB.Lite-BCT for Android NFC devices
– Consolle.CheckIO for EmoPad, EmoPlate, EmoBaselle, EmoBay, EmoTank
– Core Web for EmoPad, EmoPlate, EmoBaselle, EmoBay, EmoTank