Data and temperature tracking systems

TempStick data logger

Extremely versatile miniaturized data logger.

Product code: TS 01TSK


– Small size (50x22x10 mm – weight 11 g)
– Manageable with StickLog Pro software, programming and reading through PC
– PC connection via TecnoStick or SRI interface
– Suitable for recording for ISO 9001
– Visualization and printing of recorded data in the form of table and graph
– Recorded data can be saved in Excel format
– Available with external sensor
– HumiStick version available for temperature and humidity tracking

Technical data

– Temperature range: -30°C – +65°C
– Resolution: 0.03°C
– Maximum records: 2730
– Recording interval: from 1 record per minute to 1 record every 255 minutes
– Battery life: up to 10 years or 3 milion records
– Recording duration: from 45 hours to 483 days
– Protection rating: IP 67


– USB interface (product code: TS 02TSI)
– StickLog Pro software (free download)
– SRI interface (product code: TS 03SRI)
– Metal clip for delayed start (product code: TS 04CLP )